Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA)

Award to the Most Outstanding Third Year and Honours Students in Zoology

The ZSSA council presents an annual award for the most outstanding third year and Honours students in Zoology at each of the southern African universities.

Heads of Zoology Departments are invited to annually submit the names for potential award winners from their students. Proposals must be submitted as soon as the final marks are available.

Attention is drawn to the following aspects when making a selection. The Head of Department will decide on the excellence of a candidate. The award shall be granted to the best student in that year, providing that the student is deemed to be of sufficiently high standard. Other attributes such as leadership qualities, interest in Zoology, and Zoology as a career should be considered.

Complimentary student membership of the Society for one year accompanied by a suitable certificate, will be awarded to the successful candidate.

Heads of relevant Departments should be encouraged to present these awards at a suitable occasion to ensure the necessary publicity, for example if graduation takes place in December, it would be the perfect opportunity to present the award.

Head of Departments are welcome to contact the ZSSA office for more information: Mrs Elma Marais office@zssa.co.za

Award Winners