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  • Call for Nominations now open

    ZSSA members, it is time to call for nominations for the Biennial ZSSA awards/grants. We are calling on you to consider nominating suitable receivers of the awards below. The Gold Medal Award The Gold Medal award is presented biennially by the ZSSA Council for outstanding achievements in Zoology in Southern Africa over several years.  Such […]

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  • Invasive mussels: findings for intertidal can’t be translated to subtidal

    By Dane McDonald: Researchers have sounded the warning that findings for invasive mussels on South Africa’s rocky shores cannot ‘simply’ be translated into findings for sub tidal regions. In a recent study Dr Tammy Robinson and her research colleagues found that invasion patterns for Mytilus galloprovincialis and Semimytilus algosus in the ‘subtidal’ regions on the […]

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  • Welcome to our new Website!

    We trust you will enjoy and use our new website! Please do not hesitate to let us know if some functions need improvement or if you would like more items to be added. Feel free to send us anything newsworthy to share with the ZSSA community. This is your opportunity to showcase your research and […]

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39th ZSSA Congress

Dates: 7-10 July 2019

Venue: Skukuza, Kruger National Park

Host: Mpumalanga University

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