Scope of the publication

This is the place where departments can boast about their achievements, where students can share their research and field experiences with others and where we recognise the achievements of our award-winning students and researchers.

There is one issue annually which is published in October/November, focusing  mostly on student research and articles and departmental news.
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Dr. Heike Lutermann, Department of Zoology & Entomology, University of Pretoria

Tel: (+27) 12 420-4627

E-mail: hlutermann@zoology.up.ac.za

Dr Leigh R. Richards, Curator of Mammals, Durban Natural Science Museum

Tel: (+27) 31 322 4215

Email: Leigh.Richards@durban.gov.za

Deadline for submission:
1) second Friday of October for the October/November issue.

Guidelines: The article should be a maximum of 800 words.  Photos are always welcome; they must be submitted separately and not embedded in the article and photo credits must be included.

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