teachingSuitably trained zoologists have an important place in our schools, colleges, technikons and universities. In teaching biology at schools, dedicated zoologists play a vital role in a creative field where they have the potential to influence the attitudes of thousands of children for life. Teachers can awaken the interests of children to the secrets of life, the importance of the environment and to the proper management and use of our natural resources. Teachers can also show their pupils the way to exciting but little-known careers.

The minimum requirement to teach biology at the senior secondary level is a Higher Teacher’s Diploma with zoology and botany as fields of speciality or a B.Sc. degree with Zoology as a major subject and at least some courses in Botany. Suitable training can be obtained either through colleges or in an additional year of study at university after the completion of a B.Sc. degree. Employment opportunities are usually readily available because there is always a shortage of qualified biology teachers.

Universities, technikons and colleges also often have vacancies for lecturers although, in general, a higher degree (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) is required. Academic posts generally offer the greatest degree of freedom of choice for the pursuit of one’s own zoological interests. Campuses are intellectually stimulating places and the interactions with young people can be very rewarding. The different universities tend to be specialised in their major research interests and may also differ somewhat in their teaching philosophies. Success will greatly depend on the enthusiasm, determination, and dedication of the individual.

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